Mediation offers separating spouses the option to reach divorce and child custody agreements without going to court. Avoiding divorce litigation is the main advantage of mediation. It allows spouses to come to agreements in the informal and more comfortable setting of mediation, rather than in court.

A divorce mediator acts as a neutral, objective third party that helps both spouses express their concerns and goals. The mediator helps both parties achieve their goals in a way that creates positive, beneficial agreements regarding marital property, spousal support and custody.

Divorce proceedings require the skill of an experienced mediator who understands the issues to be resolved.

When I mediate a case, I bring my 18 years of experience to the table offering creative solutions to difficult problems. If I act as the mediator in a divorce case, that means that I do not represent either of the parties. Instead, I serve as the neutral and assist in reaching a win-win solution.

If and your spouse are interested in hiring me as the neutral mediator, contact me.

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