Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

Separating the assets (and debts) can be one of the most complex issues in a divorce case. First, we must identify what assets are included in the marital estate under Pennsylvania Law.   In many cases, the assets you brought into the marriage, or a portion thereof, are not included in the marital estate. Next, we must determine the value of these assets. Finally, we must determine how the marital assets are to be divided. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state which means assets are divided fairly and not necessarily equally.

Once you agree to a settlement of the division of property in writing, you are almost certainly bound by it. Therefore, it is important that the division of marital property is done thoroughly and carefully with your rights and arguments in mind.

My goal is to protect your financial interests during every step of the process.  When appropriate, I engage forensic accountants and professional evaluators when necessary to identify and value all marital assets in which you have an interest.