You never thought you would be here.  On the website of a divorce attorney trying to figure out your next step.  You are not alone, even though it may feel that way.  For many, a divorce is like a death in the family. There is a range of emotions and stages.  You and your spouse are likely in different stages.

While the emotional side of divorce is difficult enough, you must also make some decisions about how to protect yourself, your home and, most importantly, your children.

Pennsylvania divorce law is complicated, which makes it is difficult to go it alone.  You will be faced with issues about waiting periods, support, custody and division of assets.

While this is likely the first time you have had to deal with divorce, I do this everyday.  My job is to educate you about your rights and obligations and strategize with you so you can make the best decisions you can during this difficult time.  Knowledge is power.  Without it you either make poor decisions or you are paralyzed, do nothing, and stay in a bad situation.   After learning your rights and obligations, you may decide to stay or to leave but your decision is educated.