Child Custody

The idea of dealing with the custody of your children is daunting.  Nothing is more important yet so uncertain.  Deciding how you children will spend time you and their other parent is often the most difficult issue faced by parents who decide to end their relationship.  In Pennsylvania, the standard for determining custody is the “best interest of the child”.  Unfortunately, parents cannot always agree about what is best for their children.

I have dedicated much of my legal career to fighting for the rights of my clients and their children.  Resolving a custody case out of court is generally best because the more the parents fight the harder it can be on the children.  The toll on the children can also be high, as studies indicate that children fair worse post-divorce if their parents engage in a high-conflict battles.  I share your goal of wanting your children to become happy, healthy, productive members of society.  However, an amicable solution is not always possible.  Difficult custody cases take creativity, skilled advocacy and tenacity and I am committed to best solution for your children whether it is in or out of court.

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Child custody issues can be complicated. If you need help, here is how to get started.  Also, read about what to expect at an initial consultation.