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Carla Donnelly Pittsburgh family attorney

You do not have to go through it alone.

-Carla Donnelly • Gentile, Horoho & Avalli, P.C.




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My Mission

You have difficult decisions to make about your future.  Family law issues can be daunting.  My mission is to provide clients with straightforward information and advice to empower them to make good decisions.  Sometimes, that decision is to go to court.  That is when skilled advocacy and tenacity are most important.  I approach family law matters with compassion, practicality and integrity to take your case in the best direction to protect you, your children and your property.

My Blog

Pittsburgh Divorce and Family Law Attorney

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Unexpected Divorce, Would You Be Prepared?

By Carla Donnelly | July 17, 2018

In the middle of a discussion about what you are cooking for dinner your husband blurts out “I want a divorce.”  This is unexpected.  Turns out, while you were focusing on planning your daughter’s birthday party and a fundraising project for the P.T.A., your husband cleaned out the bank account and rented a townhouse.  He … Read more

Can I date before my divorce is final? Should I?

By Carla Donnelly | June 26, 2018

Once you decide you want a “new life”, you want that new life to start as soon as possible. Indeed, clients often ask whether it is okay to start dating while their divorce is pending. The short answer is yes. Perhaps the better question is, however, whether you should. I am not suggesting that if … Read more

Divorce Courtroom Etiquette

By Carla Donnelly | June 19, 2018

Although court is often viewed as a last resort, some cases do end up in the courtroom. How you present in court can be just as important as your actual testimony.  In divorce court, issues are often he-said, she said.  First impressions are formed quickly and credibility determinations are of paramount importance. Here are some suggestions … Read more